Turnaround Equity

As well as operating GPS Capital Limited, Galen represent  a service providing access to:

- over a hundred and forty institutional turnaround investors able to fund from £1m to £30m and

- a network of business angel investors able to fund from £100k to £1m.

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Answers to some of the FAQs asked about this service are set out below:

How Do You Ensure Confidentiality?

We only “publish” what the advisor agrees as a one page teaser on the site and for e-mail circulation.

We can exclude visibility to any individual investor organization where that would be a threat.

Advisor agrees our format for the NDA that is signed before the release of any information, names or contact details by us.

Our role normally ends when we hand over positive responses to the advisor and we leave the advisor to make all the decisions about releasing significant information.

What Type / Size of Investors Are Involved?

These are neither angel investors nor trade investors in character – these are typically (in order of proportion of total population):

  • Specialist PE houses or specialist divisions within them,
  • PE-like businesses fronting family wealth offices and hedge funds,
  • Corporate entities where the assets is largely cash raised with a remit from shareholders to acquire stressed businesses,
  • Turnaround specialists with a “fan club” of supporting investors, and
  • The great and good operating through their own investment vehicles.

We currently have over a hundred equity players, as well as separate contact databases for mezzanine and debt players, even those that work for an equity return.

Some of the equity investment scale spreads are quite broad (above and below the core target market of £1m to £30m deal size), but this reflects several things:

  • investor organizations where management invest personally at a smaller scale,
  • the lack of a requirement of a minimum deal size in some investors targetting such that they can do £1 deals if turnover scale is adequate and use their balance sheet for confidence,
  • appetites for appropriate “bolt on acquisitions” for buy and build projects,
  • several funds under common management investing at different scales in different sectors etc.

Sector interest is very diverse. Pretty much anything can be accommodated by panel members except:

  • pre-revenue technology,
  • pure property deals such as construction projects, or
  • “wild west” locations, such as The Congo.

In reality, a £7m deal in a specific sector and, say, in Scotland, would have a very precise and narrow set of useful investor targets – typically 10 to 15 good fits for any UK transaction.

Our data on investment appetites is very thorough and we collect detailed information on this.

What Does A Typical Deal Look Like?

We can’t provide details of concluded deals as we are always bound by NDAs.

However as a guide, our first completion having launched in April 2010 was in the summer and involved a circa £3m equity investment in a famous branded retail product.

Information provided is copyright and subject to the Important Notice on the home page.

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